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First strange coin you get in destiny

New Destiny Special Edition Includes All Three Expansions, Replica Strange Coin Get your.

Destiny: The Taken King – ‘Exotic Loot Cave 2.0’ Found

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Video game developer Bungie is announcing that it is planning to celebrate Christmas by giving those who are playing Destiny access to two gifts, 15 Strange Coins and.

Bungie on Twitter: "Until Sunday: Get nine Strange Coins

This Destiny: The Taken King Guide will teach you how to get Exotic Shards at minimal cost, and where to find Strange Coins.


It was released on September 9, 2014, for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation.

The Nightfall gives you a buff. your first public event, and you can get.

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The in-game description of the strange coin reads: This unusual coin is warm to the touch and vibrates gently in your hand.This guide will tell you where you can turn the coins in for the best loot.When Destiny first. and in different parts of the Tower — but you need to generate a healthy supply of Strange Coins if you.

Bungie Gifts All Destiny Players 15 Strange Coins and 15

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If you suffer from video game nostalgia, heres a throwback to Year 1 Destiny.Using the Methods shown in this video, I have managed to farm over 1000 Strange Coins.From now (Friday) until Sunday morning you can earn some Strange Coins.

Of course even with the Strange Coins you will have to find out where to turn them in.

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You can also earn Strange Coins, which you can spend on cool stuff when the. at least at first.

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Destiny was my very first FPS and I picked it up rather. the Destiny Strange Coin Medallion Necklace should be on.

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The Strange Coin, needed to buy exotics from that ever elusive Xur, can now be a part of.

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More Ways To Play The next evolution of the first-person action genre.Destiny's best weapon is on sale this weekend. when it was first on sale—you know, back when strange coins were. strange coins you’ll have...The Strange Coin is one of the currencies used in Destiny to get weapons and upgrades.

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